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Labour Department


Employment and Enterprise Development Unit




What we do?

 *Assist with Job placement meaning it is a service provided by the Employment and Enterprise


Development unit of the Labour Department.


 We facilitate a ‘Marriage” between employers and Jobseekers we register Jobseekers and have their information on a data base where as we also contact and visit companies or different business places to check with them for available vacancies then we lazed and see if a Jobseekers fits or matches the criteria that the vacancies called for we contact the employer and let them be aware of persons we might have to fit their Job description and have the Jobseeker attend an interview where by the interviewer and employer decides if the person best suite the vacancy.


 We conduct training for Jobseekers, these training are held on a weekly basis to assist Jobseekers with the proper tool s they necessary to find a Job and to keep a job. It includes


 * Identifying their skills, knowing what is a skill?


* Setting their Employment Goals. Knowing what is a goal?


* How to do a Proper Resume and a proper Cover Letter


* How to go about an interview how to sit in an interview


* Proper appearance for an interview


* Some question that can arise in an interview


* Some question a Jobseekers can ask after an interview


 What to do after an interview had finished.