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Child Labour Laws

·         Constitution S.8 no person shall be held in slavery or servitude and forced labour.

·         Labour Act S158 prohibition of forced Labour

·         Shops Act

·         Factories Act

·         ILO C. Act

·         Families & Children Act Sec, 154(2) gives the minister power to make reg prohibiting trafficking 173 pornography


·               Education Act 24(9) all children under age 14 must attend school S24 schools authorities are responsible to ensure that pupils are free from sexual and other forms of harassment, exposure to drugspornoharmfulactivities.S 31

                         parents legal duty for children to attend schools empowers the Chief  to serve

                         notice on a parent,School Attendance officers  has alegal duty to report to        

                         District Ed OFFICERS.


·         Protection Against Sexual Harassment Act

·         Criminal Code S47. procuring or offering a child forprostitution, porno inc porno performances s20 illicit activities

·         Social Security Act

·         C.138 &182