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Constitution, C138&182




  •  The Constitution


  •   C.138 R.146  1973requires Belize to persue a Policy for the  elimination and prevention of C.L to establish general


                                minimum age for employment and to prohibit children under the age of 18 years  in work  or acivities that are likely to

                                jeopardise their safety,health and development. 


  •                      R 146 is not binding but provides guidelines regarding policy development.


  •                      Developing countries special dispensation 14-16 yrs minimum age C182 R.190 Worst forms of Child Labour Requires statesto             immediately address the immediate need for the  prohibition and elimination of the worst forms of child Labour including trafficking and commercial Sex activities.·             


  •                      It is important to stress that these laws AND the  Policy seeks to protect children from work that is detrimental to their Mental, physical, social, Moral and Educational Development and not to prohibit all forms of work. 
  •   138


  •  Labour Act age 14 ,charitable artistic performances