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 Employers often ask themselves, “Can this job applicant make or save money for my company?” Most employers are looking for the same things. “Can I work with this person (for 8 hours)?”” Can this person represent me to other people?”


In the interview what kind of person will YOU try to hire? 




 APPEARANCE                  - Does his/her appearance display pride in himself and his ability to do the job?


 Dress                                Is he/she dressed at least one step above what one would wear on the job?                                           


 Grooming & Hygiene           -  Does he/she project a clean neat image from head to toe?


 Manner                             -  Is his/her behaviour polite, friendly, confident?


 Paperwork                       Is his/her application and/or resume neat and complete?


 DEPENDABILITY                - Can he/she be counted on to do the job?


 Attendance                       - Will he/she be at work regularly?


 Punctuality                      - Will he/she report for work on time and return from lunch and breaks on time? Will he/she complete duties on time?


 Reliability                      - Will he/she accept responsibility, follow rules and learn as much as possible about the job?


 SKILLS                           - Does he/she have the skills or the attitude and abilities to learn and perform the job? Does he/she have experience or related experience?


 Most employers want basically the same thin…a dependable, neat person who possesses the


skills to make or save money for the business.









 It is usually not because they can’t do the work. It is because other things get in the way such as:


  1. Being late for work
  2.  Arguing with co-worker
  3.  Problems with supervisors
  4.  Talking abut personal problems at work
  5.  Refusing or failing to follow direction
  6.  Using abusive language
  7.  Taking company supplies home for personal use
  8.  Being dishonest having a bad attitude towards others
  9.  Not finishing work
  10.  Fighting on company property
  11.  Not dressing appropriately for work




                                                           WHAT MUST YOU DO TO KEEP YOUR JOB? 


  •  Use your skills


                              · Use the skills you have

· Learn new skills


  •  Get along with your supervisor


                                · Know what your supervisor expects- if you don’t know, ask

  · Know how to communicate with your supervisor

 - Listen to your supervisor

 - Talk to your supervisor

 - Watch your nonverbal communication with your supervisor


  • Get along with your co-workers


·Know what your co-workers expect

·Know how to communicate with your co-workers


  • Get along with family and friends



                             “No man fails who does his best!”

        Orison Marden