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Hazardous work

      Def: is defined as any type of employment or work which by

                    its nature or the circumstances in which it is carried out is

                    likely to jeopardize their health, safety or moral development.


  •   C182 def as a worst forms of child labour

1.    Work that exposes children to physical , psycological or

                                             sexual abuse

2.    Underground underwater, dangerous heights, orconfined


3.    Dangerous machinery, tools or equipment,transporting

                                             heavy loads.

4.    Work in unhealthy environments vibrations,haz substances

                                           or agents, temp, long hrs and confined to premises.

5.    Exceptions : voteced training with supervision and keeping


6.    Exclusions: R146 work in schools or voteced mining

                                             and Quarrying, manufacturing, electricity , gas, water, saitary,

                                             plantation and agric for production and commercial purposes.