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Light work

  •   Def: work which is not likely to be harmful to the health or development of

young persons and not such as to prejudice their attendance at school, their  participation in vocational orientation or training programmes approved by thecompetent authority or their capacity to benefit from the instructions received.


  •   The laws does not prohibit all forms of work by children.


  •   Indeed the physical, social and moral dev of a child requires that the value of work be instilled at a reasonable age compatible with  the child welfare and a distinction made between legitimate and prohibited work


  •   Has powers under the LA to make Reg for light work this is to regulate light work .the hrs of work,activties and other conditions are important factors in det light work equal pay is of special importance, time needed for home, work, education, rest(customary 12 hrs) and rest days, SSB coverage, appropriate instruction and supervision and for leisure.


  •   Exception Charitable Artistic Performances.