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Other areas of the policy


1.    Roles and responsibilities of stake holders

      MOL-Implementation and legislative enforcement

      NCFC-Advocacy for children  dev a strategy for implementation

      MOE-Greater access and affordability to education and  ensuring school attendance

      MOH-ID Victims & Provide Medical care-Victims comes mainly from poverty, sexual explitation, dangerous work.

2.    Roles and responsibilities of stake holders

      Youth for the Future- empowerment of youths, sensitisation rights, employment and employability training.

      MOHDAST- Assist child victims with social, legal and moral support/assistance and protection.


      Private sector Involvement

      Employers Org-self regulation, sesitisation

      NGO’S, ReligiousOrg,Com Based Org,trade unions and parents and Families.


3.    Policy implementation

      Multisectorial approach

      Develop a National Strategic plan

      Ministry of labour having oversight


4.    Monitoring and Evaluation

      Review 5 yrs

      Commission studies

      NCLS Committee

      Regular reporting

      National plan 2004-2015  for children and adolescents in Belize.

      Calls for high priority to be given planning to meet the needs of children and youths in areas of education, health child protection ….