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What is the Minimum Wage?

  •   C138-16 with a younger minimum for light work suggested 2 years.
  •   L.Act. Sec54(1) child 14 yrs or lower.
  •   Sec 169(12 year implicitly of light light work) and 170.
  •   Minister to make regulations,no work before school and not more than 2hrs on schol days 6-8.
  •   Sec 169 (a).
  •   Sec.54(2)protects persons 14-18 from hazardous work.
  •   Sec 71. child shall not be recruited except  for light dutiesand wit parental consent.(recriuited worker).
  •   Sec 84.Minster by order require registration of  Emp & Wkrs. 
  •  Sec164 –work related training in schools.
  •   Sec 171 permits  entertainment for charitable or ed purposes.
  •   No provisions for artistic performances.